frequently asked questions


Will you pay for custom fees?

  • -Customs fees are determined by the country we're shipping to and fees and additional charges are completely out of our control. We gotta play by the rules kids because tampering with info necessary for customs is against the law! We do our best to have you avoid them though.

Can I cancel my order?

- Yes until you receive the shipping notification, once the item is shipped you will have to accept it and return it for a refund.

Where can I track my order?

- Once your order has been shipped, you get a confirmation email with your tracking number and all that info! You can either track through the link in your confirmation email, or go to


Please note Super Saver UK shipping is not tracked, and nor is EU normal, and Rest of World Normal.


I didn't receive my item?

-All our items are tracked in the UK (unless super saver option clicked) so check your mum, dad, love, neighbour or dog didn't sign for it. International? Still stuck? Email us : - Please also check the item you ordered was not a PRE order item, we do make this very clear in the listing, but in case you missed it let us know!


If saver shipping is requested please allow the amount of time listed here before claiming non receipt.


Can I shop at a Wonderland Clothing store in person and try stuff on?

- We're 100% online and that means we're open 24 hours a day 'n 7 days a week. So that insomnia at 3 in the morning can totally turn into a crazy night shopping spree.

Can you price match or make price adjustments?

- Prices are as marked, but we are always offering discounts and codes, so sign up for our mailing list to get our emails. Sign up form is found near the bottom of our homepage.

Why are some brands more expensive here?

- We primarily stock international brands, therefore we cover all the customs, handling, and extra cost shipping charges. So obviously these are going to be added on! You can always take the risk and buy from them direct - but trust us when we say customs ain't cheap!

How do I care for your products?

-All products with any special requirements will be in the listing, or on the care instructions of the item. All other items should be washed on a cool 30 degree wash. Due to the delicate nature of our dresses we advise you to hand wash them.


I'm a social influencer and I want to work with you. What can I do?

- email! Please also note due to the amount of requests we get that it can take us time to get back to you. To make life easier please include the following: Social media stats, media kits (if you have one), link to blog (if you have one) followers etc. We can also only offer 1 item per blogger at this time - unless we agree otherwise.


Who designed your logo, and can you design us one?

-The very lovely Natashais our designer and the logo is her design, as is our blog! Check our her blog here for rates and contact!

Will you stock our items?

- Contact us!

Do you do Wholesale?

- Contact us